Pepcid Complete A-OK for pregnant patients

Pregnant woman taking pill against heartburn

A common question at OBGYN Specialists of Tulsa is whether pregnant women can take products like Pepcid Complete to fight heartburn, a common affliction with pregnancy.

Heartburn and acid reflux are common problems for pregnant patients. For those who have tried behavioral changes without any success or who are having to take a chewable antacid several times a day, changing to a daily medication such as Pepcid is recommended.

Behavioral changes include avoiding spicy foods, waiting several hours between dinner and bedtime, and eating smaller meals.

“Pepcid, or generic famotidine, effectively treats and prevents the symptoms of acid reflux,” said Dr. Cate Hildebrand, one of the five doctors at OBGYN Specialists of Tulsa. “It’s easily available over the counter or by prescription and is safe in pregnancy. It can be used once or twice daily to suppress stomach acid.”

Patients should avoid Zantac (generic ranitidine), given recent FDA statements regarding higher levels of NDMA impurities in this medication, said Dr. Grant Cox, another of the doctors at OBGYN Specialists of Tulsa.
Dr. Sarah Shepherd’s patients typically try an over-the-counter regimen of vitamin B6 and Unisom to treat nausea.

“If that is not sufficient, sometimes adding an acid suppressant has the pleasant side effect of decreasing nausea and vomiting in pregnancy,” Dr. Shepherd said. “It works so well, this is one of the medications in the treatment regimen for hyperemesis.”

Dr. Gena Gray and Dr. Paul Gehring advise all pregnant women suffering from acid reflux to check with their doctor before starting any new medications such as Pepcid Complete during pregnancy.

If you are an OBGYN Specialists of Tulsa patient, however, know that Pepcid is A-OK during pregnancy!